Weather Monitors

Jefferson Campus

Allen Library
Location:   Room-207
Monitor: Day- Heather Lawley,  Night: Campus Police

Harold Martin Building
Location: Room- 120
Monitor: Day- Perry Wilson,  Night: Campus Police

Bethune-Deramus Hall
Location: Room-219
Monitor: Day-Jessica Kaufhold/Teresa Archer,  Night: Campus Police

Carson Hall
Location: Room-317
Monitor:     Day- Ali Yazdi/ Donna Venus,  Night: Campus Police

Fitzgerald Student Center
Location: New Options
Monitor:     Day- Barbara Holman,  Night: Campus Police

George Layton Building
Location: Room 107
Monitor:     Day-Bonnie Bailey-Self,  Night: Campus Police

Manufacturing Center
Location: Room 236
Monitor: Day: Latosha Bennett/Norma Grant Bell,  Night: Campus Police

Location: O & M Office
Monitor: Day: Teresa Renshaw
Night: Building Closed

Ruby Carson Hall
Location: Room 237
Monitor:     Day: Amanda Kin/Lisa Kimble/Alan Cook,  Night: Campus Police

Campus Police Building
Location: Front Desk
Monitor:     Day: Chanel Keitges,  Night: Desk Officer Or Police Officer On Duty

George Wallace Hall
Location: Switchboard/Receptionist Desk And Karen Key
Monitor:     Day: Assigned Operators And Karen Key,  Night: Campus Police

Lurleen Wallace Hall
Location: Room 247 & Learning Success Center
Monitor:     Day- TBA  Night: Campus Police

St. Clair-Pell City Campus

Location: Room 121
Monitor:     Day- Laura Urbahns Or Dr Nicholas Kin,    Night: Campus Police

Chilton-Clanton Campus

Location: Room 115
Monitor: Day- Julie Emmerich/Campus Police Officer,  Night- Martha Houston/Campus Police Officer

Shelby-Hoover Campus

Location: GSB-Campus Police/Receptionist Desk
Monitor: Day-Campus Police  Night: Campus Police

Location: HSB-Enrollment Services & Dean Of Instruction’s Office
Monitor: Day-Night-Campus Police

Location: MSB-Reception Desk
Monitor:     Day- Night- Campus Police

The Weather Monitors Act As An Emergency Notification Source, But The Campus Police Are Ultimately Responsible For Notifying All Of The Personnel On Campus Of Impending Emergency Weather Conditions Either By Phone Or In Person.