Application & Search Procedures

If you are applying for more than one position, you must submit a separate, complete application packet for each position. Please note that, with the exception of part-time instructor positions, applications are accepted only for posted vacancies.

Full-Time Positions

Anyone interested in applying for a full-time Faculty or Administrator/Staff position must submit a complete application packet. Please review the “Application Procedures” section of the “Intent to Employ” for a list of what a complete application packet consists of. Complete application packets must be submitted by the deadline established for that position. Failure to submit a complete application packet by the deadline will eliminate the possibility of an interview.

Search committees are appointed for each available position. The search committee reviews all application packets to determine which are complete and who meets the minimum qualifications for the position. The committee then interviews each qualified applicant and recommends the top three candidates to the President/Appropriate Administrator, who conducts the final interviews.

Part-Time Instructor Positions

The hiring of part-time instructors is coordinated through the respective divisions and is dependent upon the anticipated or actual enrollment for each semester. The qualifications for part-time instructors are the same as those for full-time faculty members. Generally, an instructor must have at least a Master’s degree with eighteen (18) graduate semester hours in field; though, for non-transfer and activity courses, these qualifications are relaxed. When submitting an application packet, please include a resume’ and graduate transcripts (unofficial copies will be accepted, but official transcripts must be on file once an offer of employment has been made).

Adjunct Instructor Positions

Adjunct Instructor positions are only for applicants who have retired from Jefferson State Community College. If you do not fit this qualification, your application packet will not be
submitted to the respective division.

Part Time Hourly L-19 Positions

Once the deadline has passed, all application packets will be forwarded to the appropriate personnel. He/she may or may not interview for the position. All unsuccessful applicants will be notified by letter that the position has been filled.

Part Time Ongoing Positions

The college is always accepting application packets for the listed ongoing positions. There is no specific date to which the position will be filled. We will create an applicant pool for future vacancies.

Temporary Positions

Temporary positions are one year assignments. Before the end of the one-year assignment, if the College determines that a position is warranted, the position will be posted/searched as a regular position. A search committee will not be appointed for temporary appointments and interviews may or may not be conducted.

Receipt of Application Packets

To apply for a position, you may download the employment application from this site or request one by contacting Human Resources at [email protected] Please make sure you sign your application. If you do not sign it, your application packet will be considered incomplete.

Applicants can mail, fax, or hand deliver their completed application packets to the following locations: (Choose only one)

  1. Surface Mail: Human Resources, Jefferson State Community College, 2601 Carson Road, Birmingham, Alabama 35215
  2. Fax: (205) 856-7720
  3. Hand Deliver: Jefferson State Community College, George Wallace Hall, Room 104 or Room 111, 2601 Carson Road, Birmingham, Alabama 35215