FAQs- Faculty Certificate in Technology

Why should I complete the certificate?

Participants will gain increased skills in technology, improvement as a teacher,  and recognition as a campus leader.  benefits to students are realized when  instructors utilize classroom technology. In addition, participants have the opportunity to shape and mold, not just students and other faculty, but the  college aswell.

What if only some of the skills at each level are applicable to me and my  teaching?
Although the skills at each level may not be directly applicable to every area of  teaching, the Faculty Certificate in Technology is comprehensive, covering basic  knowledge skills at each level.

What if I’m already proficient at Level 1? May I start the program at Level 2?
Faculty members may “test out” of each level by demonstrating proficiency in  each area for their assigned mentor. Mentors will then send appropriate  documentation to the Faculty Development Subcommittee.

Where do I get help during the process?
Each protégé will be assigned a mentor to help him or her complete the  certificate or the special project agreed upon in the Mentor-Protégé Agreement.

How and when will I receive my incentive for completing the process?
Incentives will be agreed upon in the Mentor-Protégé agreement and will  generally be granted upon completion of the process. The Chair of the New  Media in Instruction Committee will arrange for the incentives to be granted.

What if I don’t want to complete the certificate, but I do want to work on a  special technology project?
The NMiC has included provisions for special instructional technology projects.  These projects will be indicated on the Protégé Interview Form and discussed and agreed upon in the Mentor-Protégé Agreement.

Can I complete the certificate and receive the incentives without becoming  an official protégé?
In order to receive the incentives, faculty members must officially become  protégés.

How long will this process take?
Mentors and Protégés will agree upon a tentative timeline at the beginning of the  process. Generally, since the term of a mentor is one calendar year or two  semesters and a summer, the process is expected to take the same amount of  time.

How do I get started?
See the information for prospective protégés at the ITA Web site.