Campus Leaders Advisory Board


Mitch Shelton, Wendy Sweatt, Valerie McCombs, Sarah Luckadoo,  and Kristin Henderson, have been named to the Campus Leaders  Advisory Board (C-LAB) of the New Media Consortium (NMC).

These  individuals were selected for their roles as technology champions  and innovators.    According to a spokesperson for the NMC in relation to C-LAB  members:  The Campus Leaders Advisory Board members will share NMC news  and other information with the people they work with across the  campus.   Along with the Campus Liaison, their purpose will be not  only to build and strengthen their campus alliances, but also to help  them enrich the value of NMC membership to the institution as a  whole.

The advisory role of the Campus Leaders Advisory Board is intended  to help ensure the timeliness and relevance of NMC programs and  activities. The NMC will be tapping these leaders from time to time  for their insights and opinions, and their collective voice will be a  very important part of the NMC’s strategic planning and  programmatic directions.