JSCC Hosts Alabama College Bowl State Championship

April 26, 2019 mpartain Blog

Jefferson State hosted the Alabama College Bowl League (ACBL) State Championship Tournament on April 26 on the Shelby-Hoover Campus.

“We are honored to host the state championship with such impressive teams from across our state,” said Jefferson State Instructor and Tournament Director Lucy Lewis. “The students are amazing and it is easy to see they have all worked very hard to be here.”

During the tournament, student teams face-off in head to head competition. A moderator asks questions and individuals “buzz” in with an answer.

“The competition is very similar to a game show, where contestants compete to give the correct answer very quickly,” said Lewis. “It is easy to see the pressure increase as teams progress further into the tournament.”

The ACBL is formed by Alabama’s community colleges and is responsible for operating and sponsoring  tournaments throughout the year.

“Students prepare for this tournament all year and they are serious about this competition” said Lewis. “The teams here definitely want to win, but this competition is also about celebrating our bright leaders of tomorrow.”

For more information about the tournament, email [email protected]

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