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Transient Student Application Process

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Transient students are in good standing, enrolled at another institution, and want to take classes at Jefferson State for one term then transfer back to their home institution. Transient students must submit an updated transient letter for each term they plan to attend.

Transient students should also remember to submit a request for their official Jefferson State transcript to be sent to the home institution after the Jefferson State courses are completed.

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Required Steps/Documents for Transient Applicants

To complete the application process, transient students must apply and submit the following documents:

  • Transient letter from home institution (see details below)

Transcripts from your home institution are not required.

Transient Letter

A transient letter must be received in Enrollment Services before a transient student can register. The transient letter must list all JSCC courses the student is eligible to take, equivalent courses at the home institution, and the term the student plans to attend. This letter guarantees the transferability of courses taken at Jefferson State Community College to the student’s home institution. Students may submit transient letters in person, by mail, or e-mail to [email protected] as a PDF.  (Links or .htm files are not accepted.)  Jefferson State takes no responsibility if you enroll in courses that are not listed on your transient letter.


Applicants who attended high school, college or received a GED outside the state of Alabama may be assessed out-of-state tuition. For additional information, please review the Certification of Eligibility for In-State Residency Form.

Financial Aid

Transient students are not eligible for financial aid at Jefferson State.

Questions?  For additional information about applying as a Transient Student, contact [email protected].

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