F-1 Student Visa Holders

Application For Admission

Click here for the online application instructions. You must complete the non-U.S. citizen section of the Online Application. A passport is required to complete this section. Be sure to indicate that you are an F-1 Visa Holder on the Online Application.   The last page of the online application, a signature page is generated that must be submitted for admission to Jefferson State.

Photo I.D.

We require proof of your identity. If you are in the United States, we would need your current I-20, passport, visa page, and I-94, as well as Drivers License/State ID (if available).   If coming from overseas, we just need your passport.

Secondary School Or College/University Evaluation

An evaluation is required for students who have attended school outside the United States.

High School Work Only:

If you attended high school in the U.S., an official transcript is required. The transcript must be sealed by the high school. Unsealed transcripts cannot be accepted.

If you attended high school outside the U.S., an Official General Evaluation Report from an accredited credential evaluator is required. This confirms your high school work is equivalent to a U.S. High School Diploma. You would submit your high school documents to an evaluation company for a “General” Report evaluation. We recommend Education Perspectives (www.edperspective.org/JSCC) as we receive their reports electronically but will accept evaluations from other NACES accredited evaluators (www.naces.org/members), or Lisano International.  Other NACES evaluators which deliver reports electronically and quickly include:

PLEASE NOTE: Students with both high school and college work must be evaluated by Ed Perspectives (see below).

High School and College/University Work:

If you attended college or university overseas, Jeff State still requires a high school evaluation report. You must use Ed Perspective (www.edperspective.org/JSCC) for this evaluation. For international college and/or university coursework to be considered for transfer credit, an official “Catalog Match” report is required from Ed Perspective (EP). Only their “Catalog Match” evaluation reports are accepted for college transfer credit (this includes A level, Bac, and Arbitur).

Affidavit of Financial Support

Students are required to show proof of adequate financial resources to cover all costs associated with attending Jefferson State. Read and complete the Affidavit of Financial Support Form and attach a current bank statement from the financial sponsor. The bank statement must be an original document issued by a bank on letterhead, indicating checking and/or savings account balance. We cannot accept salary statements or listings of properties for this.

Proof of English Proficiency

One of the following is required:

  • Passing score of an English proficiency test. We accept the TOEFL (TOEFL.org) with a score of 61 for Internet-based or 500 for written exam; OR IELTS score of 5.5 (IELTS.org); OR Step EIKEN with results of 2A.  Official results must be sent directly by the testing agencies to Jefferson State.
  • Grade of “C” or higher in English 101 from another regionally accredited U.S. college/university.
  • Students who have taken other English Proficiency exams (Ex. Duolingo ESL, LangCert, Pearson PTEA) may send the official scores to Jefferson State and make exception request.  This will have to be submitted on your behalf to the Chancellors office. Please contact [email protected] to make this request

F-1 Students who are transferring from a U.S. College/University

Both of the following is required:

  • Official Transcript(s) from each college/university you attended in the U.S. — An official transcript must be sent from each U.S. college/university you attended. Official transcripts should be sent directly from issuing institutions.
  • Transfer Clearance Form: The International Advisor at your most recent U.S. college/university must complete this form.

Additional Requirements Upon Completion of your Initial Application

In order to issue your I-20, we need additional documentation.   This requires the submission of the following:

  • F-1 Visa Holders Information Page
  • Transfer Clearance Form (US based students transferring from another US institution)
  • Financial Documentation — Affidavit of Support and original bank statements from sponsor showing sufficient funds to cover the cost of attendance.   This is necessary as required by immigration law.   Initially documents can be emailed to [email protected] from your sponsor, but we must have the originals by the 1st week of school
  • Medical History Form –   You must have a physical and proof of immunization and a Tuberculin Skin test turned into the college by the 1st week of school.
  • Attend an International Orientation