International Transient Students

Transient students are those who are attending a college or university, who leave that institution for one term to attend Jefferson State or do concurrent enrollment (enrolled at the same time) for a specific course, before returning to their home college or university. International Transient Students must submit the following:

Online Application for Admission

Click here for the online application instructions. You must complete the Non-U.S. Citizen section of the application. A passport is required to complete this section. Indicate that you are applying as a Transient Student on the Application. Upon completion of the online application, a signature page is generated that must be submitted for admission to Jefferson State.

Photo I.D.

Present original documents in person at Jefferson State for photocopy. Examples include: unexpired I-94 card and visa page (and driver’s license, if applicable). Mailed photo copies must be notarized. F-1 visa holders must also submit a copy of their current I-20.

Transient Letter

Issued from current school, listing approved courses you wish to take at Jefferson State and term.

Transient Clearance Form (For F-1 or J-1 Students)

This form must be completed by your Designated School Official (immigration advisor for your institution) granting permission for you to come to Jefferson State while still on your home institutions I-20.   It’s important that they know you are doing con-current enrollment so you can comply with your immigration status requirements. Transient Clearance Form (Required for F-1 Visa holders only)