Frequently Asked Questions

What is Workforce Education?

  • The Center for Workforce Education at Jefferson State Community College delivers fast-track skills training designed to quickly train individuals for immediate employment. Our full portfolio of non-credit training covers healthcare, IT, manufacturing, craft training, and business sectors and is ever evolving to accommodate the needs of employers in the state of Alabama.

What classes do you offer or when do classes start?

  • We offer courses on a rolling basis and do not adhere to a semester schedule. For a full course listing with dates, please check our website below!
  • Workforce Education Page

How old must you be to attend an adult education class?

  •  18 or older

How much do classes cost? How many weeks is the class?

  • Each class is different. Please call the center for Workforce Education for details about specific classes. 205-856-7710

Can I register now and pay for the class when the class starts?

  • No, you must pay at the time of registration.

Can I pay half now and half later?

  • You must pay the full amount, or the amount specified by the Pay As You Go program. The Pay As You Go program allows you to split the tuition into three equal course fees. The first course fee due at time of registration and the 2nd and 3rd course fees are generally 1 and 2 months after class starts.  Please note that not all Fast-Track programs qualify for the Pay As You Go option. For more information, please call 205-856-7710.

Do you accept financial aid for Fast Track programs?

  • No, federal financial aid such as FASFA or Pell Grant is not available for non-credit. However, we always have a wide variety of scholarships available.


  • Pay As You Go. This program breaks up the tuition into three equal course fees. We have a special registration link for this option that we can email to you. Please note that not all Fast-Track programs qualify for the Pay As You Go option. For more information, please call 205-856-7710.
  • WIOA:  Local Alabama Career Centers provide WIOA (Workforce Investment Opportunity Act) scholarship opportunities to qualifying students for some workforce training programs. Eligibility is based on various factors, including income. Contact the Birmingham Career Center at 205-582-5200 or Ken King at our career center on site at Jefferson State for more information 205-856-8029 or [email protected].
  • Career Pathways:  This program offers qualified students access to scholarships and other free, tutoring-type services.  To see if you qualify, you will attend an orientation class and take our “Test of Adult Basic Education.”  To see if you qualify, you will attend an orientation class and take our “Test of Adult Basic Education.”  Please visit this link to apply.
  • Jeremiah’s Hope: The Jeremiah’s Hope program provides scholarships to students seeking workforce training in high-need essential healthcare fields. Classes will take place across Jefferson State’s four campuses and currently are taking place in a hybrid learning environment. To learn more about these training opportunities, contact Angela Payne, Career Coach, at [email protected] or (205) 856-8040.

What documents do I need to register for a class?

  • You will need a government issued ID and diploma/transcript or GED.

Can you get my transcript from Jefferson State Enrollment Services?

  • Yes.  If you have previously attended Jeff State, your transcript should be available to us.

When is the high school diploma due for Workforce Education courses?

  • You will not receive a certificate for a Workforce Education course until we receive your high school diploma, GED, or high school transcript.

Is the price of the certification exams included in the Workforce Education class price?

  • No. The cost for certification exam is not included in the Workforce Education class fee. The cost of the exam will be the student’s responsibility.

How much will books cost for the Workforce Education programs?

  • The cost varies depending on the class and required textbook.
  • We suggest that you buy books at our bookstore .
  • We highly recommend that you do NOT buy books until after the class starts.
  • The editions change often, and we don’t want you to buy the wrong book.  They are often non-refundable.

How can I register and pay for my Workforce Education program?

  • You can  register for our classes by clicking here.
  • Find the course you are interested in and select ‘Click Here to Register.’
  • Login or create an account to enroll.
  • You will need to pay online at the time of enrollment.

Can a student shadow (sit in on) a Workforce Education class before registering for it?

  • No, we do not allow anyone in a Workforce Education course or classroom that is not a registered student.

How will I communicate with my instructor?

  • All of our online and hybrid courses use Microsoft Teams for class related materials. Your instructor, as well as the Center for Workforce Education will communicate with you through your Jefferson State email. Please make sure you are able to log in to your email and are checking it daily.

How do I log in to my Jefferson State email?

  • After you have registered for your class, you will receive a welcome email to your personal email, one business day prior to the first day of class. This will give you your credentials for your Jefferson State email. Go to and click on MYJSCC and then click first time user. Once you complete the setup of your email, you will then go back to and click on O365. From here you will follow the prompts to activate your new account. Let us know if you are having trouble logging in.

If I decide to drop out halfway through a Workforce Education program, can I get a partial refund?

  • Refunds must be requested in writing at least 10 business days prior to the start of a class. No partial refunds are issued.

I have paid my first payment through the pay as you go program. How do I know my remaining balance?

  • You will be emailed the pay as you go due dates and registration links, after class starts. You will need to click on the links in the email and login to your Elevate account. This is the same website that you used to register for the class. Once you login, select Enroll and Pay and follow the prompts to complete the registration process for each Pay As You Go course

I have registered for a course. When will I receive details about my class?

  • We send out welcome emails and make check in phone calls at least one business day before the class starts. This email will include all of the details about the class as well as the syllabus.

What do I do if I am having trouble in my class?

  • If you are having any issues in your course, please contact the Center of Workforce Education and speak with the Student Success Coordinator. They will be happy to assist you in any way to make your education journey a success.

Can you provide information on other programs offered by Jefferson State?

  • For those programs not offered through Workforce Education or Fast Track Programs, you will need to contact someone in Enrollment Services or the individual program.
  • Please use the links below for contact information.

Links & Files

How many people are currently enrolled in the Workforce Education class in which I am interested?

  • This number changes constantly therefore we do not release this information.
  • Should the course be canceled due to insufficient enrollment, students who are eligible for a refund, will be refunded.  Refund policies and procedures website.

My Workforce Education class was postponed. Can I get a refund?

  • When a Workforce Education class is postponed, the student must submit a Withdrawal Form to us within five days of receiving the class postponement call.
  •  Workforce Education Program Withdrawal Form

Will the Workforce Education Programs accept high school diplomas from other countries?

·       Yes.  Please click this link for more information.

If I am late on a Pay as You Go course fee for Workforce Education programs, will I get dropped from my class?

  • Yes, if Workforce Education courses are not paid on time the student will be dropped from the class and must retake the whole class to complete course in the future.

My Workforce Education class started last night. Can I drop it and receive a refund?

  • You must submit a Withdrawal Form at least 10 business days prior to the start of a Workforce Education class to receive a refund.

Can you talk to me concerning my child’s Workforce Education class?

  • If the student is over 18 years old, we can only discuss information with the student in accordance with FERPA law.

Can I attend Workforce Education classes if I only have an occupational diploma?

  • Yes, but you will be required to take the Accuplacer Reading exam.
  • Please visit the JSCC Testing Centers for information about the exam.

Is attendance required for Workforce Education classes?

  • All Workforce Education programs have attendance requirements.
  • CNA requires 100% attendance.
  • CMA requires 90% attendance.
  • Other programs require 80% attendance.
  • In some programs, there are some mandatory classes that cannot be missed, primarily Phlebotomy, CMA, CNA, Lineworker, OSHA and CDL.  This list is not all inclusive.  Please contact our office if you have questions about specific class requirements before your register.

I have taken parts of a Workforce Education class before; do I have to retake the class?

  • Yes, you are required to attend the program from beginning to end to receive a certificate in a Workforce Education course.

Are you required to take numerous classes to complete the certificate programs in Workforce Education?

  • No.  You are only required to take one class.

Will I receive a 1098-T form ?

  • Jefferson State Community College is not required to send a 1098-T Statement to students enrolled in a non-degree seeking program, therefore a 1098-T will not be issued. We recommend speaking with your tax professional regarding any tax advice.

How do I verify a certificate for a student for employment verification?

  • If you completed a program within the past 5 years, you may request a duplicate certificate/employer verification letter be mailed to you or emailed to your Jefferson State email address. Student must submit a written and signed request to workforc[email protected]. For more information, please visit our policies and procedures website.