Are You Taking the Right Amount of Classes?

July 11, 2019 dbobo Blog

Take 30 Credit Hours Per Year To Finish On Time

Want to graduate on time? Save money? Get better grades? Then you’re going to love 30. That’s the number of credits you need to take each year to graduate on time. Sure, you can take less and still receive some scholarships and funding. But unless you take 30 credits a year you’re looking at an extra year or more in order to graduate.

15 to finish graphic 1Almost every four-year degree requires 120 credits. For a two-year degree, it’s 60 credits. Added up, students will need at least 30 credits per year to graduate on time. Students can split up 30 however they want, it just needs to add up to 30 for the entire year.

30 credits per year will help you:
– Save money by not paying extra tuition
– Avoid taking on more debt
– Start working and earning faster
– Increase your chances for making a higher GPA
– Reduce the odds of dropping out

Extra years of college can cost you thousands, both in what you pay and what you lose from not having a job. So, taking 30 credits a year saves you money and lets you make more. Students who take 30 a year tend to get higher GPAs. Taking 30 a year also dramatically increases your chances of reaching graduation.

30 to finish graphic 2