Business Management Option – Advanced Certificate CER C043

The courses listed below are part of the A.A.S. degree. While completing requirements for A.A.S. degree, a student can earn the short and advanced certificate.

  • A minimum of 63 hours is needed to apply for A.A.S. graduation.
  • A minimum of 30 hours for advanced certificate
  • A minimum of 21 hours for short certificate.

To be awarded the certificates and A.A.S. degree, students should contact Enrollment Services Graduation Office two terms before graduating at 205-856-7793 ([email protected]) or 205-856-7757.

Courses Required CER C043

  • ENG 101 English Composition I
  • MTH 100 Intermediate College Algebra

or MTH 116 or higher-level math course

  • Humanities and Fine Arts Elective (AHUM)
  • CIS 146 Microcomputer Applications
  • MST 111 Elements of Supervision
  • MST 201 Human Resource Management
  • ACT 145 Basic Accounting Procedures or BUS 241 Principles of Accounting I
  • BUS 146 Personal Finance
  • MST 215 Small Business Management
  • BUS, ACT, CIS, MST or OAD Elective

Degree plan subject to change.  Please see current schedule and catalog online.  Meeting with an advisor is highly recommended.