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Construction Student Continues Education at Tuskegee

February 29, 2016 mpartain Blog

Setven Carlisle ScholarshipSteven Carlisle  recently earned the distinction of being  Jefferson State’s first  student  to transfer to Tuskegee University using the  new Construction Science and Management (CSM) Program articulation agreement between the two schools.

The new articulation agreement began in October 2015  and  provided for  Carlisle to be accepted in  to the  four-year CSM program at Tuskegee with a full academic scholarship. Carlisle’s scholarship  will include tuition, books, and housing.

“Creating articulation agreements with four-year universities  offering Bachelor’s degrees in Construction Management is something we have been working toward for some time now,” said Jefferson State Construction and Building Science Director Dr. Mike Safavi.  “The agreement provides an excellent  opportunity for our students to continue their education and complete  a Bachelor’s degree if they decide to do so.”

“Indicators show the demand for construction graduates will  increase tremendously,” said Safavi. “The growing complexity of construction projects is creating more  demand for  management level personnel, and more than 60 percent of management will retire within  five years.”

According to the bureau of labor statistics, construction management graduates with an associate degree offer early career pay of just over $46,000 and mid-career pay of $72,100. According to Forbes Report one the  Bachelor’s Degrees with The highest earning potential is Construction Management.

With the new articulation agreement, Jefferson State’s CSM students are required to coMike Safavimplete 71 semester credit hours to graduate and receive their Associate Degree. Tuskegee University’s CSM program will  transfer 69 of these credit hours toward their B.S. degree. This will guarantee  Jefferson State’s  students who graduate  can directly enter into the third year of Tuskegee’s  program with junior standing.

The Construction Management at Jefferson State is one of the twelve two-year programs nationwide that is accredited by American Council for Construction Education (ACCE).

“For some time now, Jefferson State  has offered one of the best  CSM programs  nationwide,” said Safavi. “Now, Jefferson State provides a pathway for students to  continue toward their Bachelor’s degree with maximum course transference.”

To learn more about Jefferson State’s CSM program, click HERE, call (205) 856-7847, or email [email protected]