Course Descriptions - RDG

Reading (RDG)

RDG 080 Reading Laboratory
1-2 institutional hours
Prerequisite: none
This course, which may be repeated as needed, provides students with a laboratory environment where they can receive help from qualified instructors on reading assignments at the developmental level. Emphasis is placed on one-to-one guidance to supplement instruction in reading courses. A student’s success in this course is measured by success in those reading courses in which the student is enrolled. (as needed)

RDG 085 Developmental Reading
1-3 institutional hours
Prerequisite: Appropriate placement score
This course is designed to assist students whose placement test scores indicate serious difficulty with decoding skills, comprehension, vocabulary, study skills. Remediation should be completed within one year by students who are required to take this course. (F, Sp, Su)

RDG 114 Critical Reading for College
3 semester hours
Prerequisite: RDG 085 or appropriate reading placement score
This course is designed to enhance critical reading skills. Topics include vocabulary enrichment, reading flexibility, metacognitive strategies, and advanced comprehension skills, including analysis and evaluation. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate comprehension and analysis and respond effectively to material across disciplines. (on demand)