Dr. Patrick Armstrong Memorial Book Drive!

September 5, 2018 mpartain Blog

Pat ArmstrongThe Speech Team and Sigma Chi Eta Communications Honor Society are accepting new and used books for the 2018 Dr. Patrick Armstrong Memorial Book Drive!

  • Donations will be accepted from Tuesday 9/18/18 to Friday 10/19/18.
  • A donation box will be located on the 2nd floor of the General Studies Building directly across from the elevator and under the Sigma Chi Eta Bulletin Board at the Shelby Campus. A donation box will also be in the Phi Theta Kappa office, Room 119, in Bethune Deramus Hall at the Jefferson Campus.

Used books donated must be in DECENT to GOOD condition.

Books Accepted:

  • Best sellers, Fiction,Non-Fiction, Mystery, Science Fiction,How-to, Cookbooks, Self-help, Bibles and other inspirational books, Clean copies of classic titles, Children’s books, Dictionaries.

Books NOT Accepted:

  • Magazines, Encyclopedias, Textbooks

Poor condition items include things like:

  • Mildew damage, Missing or loose pages, Torn pages, Missing binding, Handwriting on content, Children’s books with crayon marks, or the like.

Donations will benefit the Literacy Council of Central Alabama.


Zac Alexander
History Instructor
[email protected]
(205) 983-5998