Confidentiality is an extremely important issue when interacting with any student

Instructors  may not ask the student the nature of his/her disability. Students with disabilities  may be very guarded in the information that they may want to share.   It is important to respect a  student’s right to exercise personal discretion in the disclosure of individual disabilities.  Students are under the protection of confidentiality laws and need not disclose the specific nature  of the disability.

Note takers

The ADA Office relies as much as possible on in-class volunteers to provide note taking services  for qualified students.   Special NCR (no-carbon required) note taking paper is available in the  ADA Office.   Some students find their own note takers, but generally the ADA Office asks the  instructor to announce the need for a note taker by means of a letter sent the first week of classes.  A sample of this letter is located in the back of this booklet marked “EXHIBIT B”.

Textbooks in Alternative Format

Recorded textbooks can be obtained through Recordings for the Blind and the ADA Office can  help students apply for this service.   Making arrangements to provide audio books on CD’s or EText from a publisher can be a timely process.   Instructors can assist by making required book  lists available well in advance of the first day of class.


The ADA Office at JSCC is committed to keeping   pace with technological   advances that can  improve educational access to students with disabilities.   Listed below   are some technological  accommodations that this office currently can offer to students.  Accessible Internet course for the Deaf and Visually Impaired (LIFT Assist)  Adaptive computer software (Kurzweil, Dragon’s Naturally Speaking, JAWS)  Portable CD Players for books on audio CD

Required Quiz

Jefferson State Community College requires all faculty  and staff members to complete the ADA Orientation each year.   This  orientation and quiz is accessible through JeffNet and also on From the web site:   click on Students then Student  Services, ADA Office and ADA Training for Instructors.   Complete the quiz  and the results will be forwarded to the ADA Office.