Courtesy Rules Of Blindness

When you meet me, don’t be ill at ease

  •  If I am walking with you, don’t grab my arm; let me take yours. I will keep a half-step behind, to anticipate curbs and steps.  I want to know who is in the room with me.
  • Speak when you enter.
  • Introduce me to  the others.   Include children, and tell me if there is a cat or a dog.   Guide my hand to a  chair.
  • The door to a room, a cabinet, or a car, left partially open, is a hazard to me.
  • At dinner I will not have trouble with ordinary table skills.
  • Don’t avoid words like “see”.   I use them too.   I am always glad to see you.
  • I do not want pity.   But do not talk about the “wonderful compensations” of blindness.
  • My sense of smell, touch, or hearing did not improve when I became blind.   I rely on  them more, and therefore, may get more information through those senses than you do – that’s all.
  • I will discuss blindness with you if you if you would like; however, I have many interests  other than blindness that I can discuss.