Faculty Have The Responsibility To

  1. Expect students with disabilities to meet the same course expectations as their peers
  2. Provide accommodations only to students who are registered with the ADA Office.   It is NOT your responsibility to provide accommodations to students who are NOT registered with the ADA Office
  3. Use a syllabus statement and class announcements to invite students to disclose their needs
  4. Work to ensure that all audio-visual materials used in class are accessible (e.g., that  videos shown are captioned for students with hearing impairments and that the VCR equipment used has captioning capabilities, that videos shown will be made with auditory description in some way or that written transcripts will be provided)
  5. To treat all disability-related information as confidential medical information.   For example, keep printed items, such as a Form 4, or any emails regarding student disability-related information in a protected location
  6. Clearly communicate your testing procedures with the student and with the ADA Office if the test will be taken in the ADA Office or approved testing site
  7. If the student is to take the test in the ADA Office, arrangements must be made to deliver the test. The student should be responsible to set up times to take the test.   The ADA Office will return the test to the instructor or department secretary.