Procedures For Accommodating Students

The college will provide reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities. The procedures for provision of these accommodations are as follows.

    1. The college will inform all students and prospective students through statements in the catalog and class schedule that, in order to initiate a request for accommodations,
      the student must obtain and complete a Student Accommodations Request (Form 1). These forms are available at the Jefferson Campus in the ADA Office (FSC 300) and on the Shelby Campus in the Learning Resource Center (Library).
    2. Upon completion of Form 1, students must contact the ADA Accommodations Office for an appointment and further instructions relative to requesting accommodations.
    3.  The ADA Accommodations Office staff will accept the completed forms, interview all students requesting accommodations, and review all documentation provided by students to support their requests. At the time of their interview, students will be asked to complete a Student Intake Interview Form (Form 2) and a Student Responsibility Form (Form 3).
    4. The ADA Accommodations Office staff will make a decision on the validity of the request for accommodations and maintain a file on each student. If the student needs placement testing accommodations, the ADA Accommodations Office will notify the Testing Office Coordinator of the accommodations. The ADA Accommodations Office staff will provide accommodations that cannot be provided by the Testing Office.
    5.  The ADA Accommodations Office will provide students who have completed
      Forms 1, 2, and 3 with a Classroom Accommodations Form (Form 4) which
      outline the proposed allowable accommodations. Form 4 is to be taken by
      the student to each instructor when requesting classroom accommodations.
      A sample of Form 4 is located in the back of this handbook marked
      EXHIBIT A”.
    6. The instructor will indicate his/her agreement with the proposed accommodations by signing Form 4 or will negotiate with the student about what accommodations can be reasonably provided. If changes are negotiated, they will be described on the form and both student and instructor will sign the form. In either case, the student will return the signed Form 4 to the ADA Office and a copy is kept by the instructor.
    7.  If the student and instructor can not agree upon the accommodations to be provided, the student will submit his request to the appropriate Department Chair or Program Coordinator.
    8.  If the appropriate Department Chair or Program Coordinator is not able to resolve the problem, the student will contact the ADA Director to begin the Steps in Conflict Resolution.