FAME Will Benefit Manufacturing Students, Employers

September 13, 2023 sdawkins Blog

Brian Gordon, Danielle Coburn, Audrey Webb, Alisyn Jackson, and Jason Dinscore.Students in Jefferson State’s Manufacturing Program will receive on-the-job training and potentially a higher job placement rate through the college’s participation in FAME, which was announced on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

The event, which was held at Lurleen Wallace Hall on the Jefferson Campus, also served as an opportunity for those in the college and industry partners to learn about the program. The Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME) is designed to benefit students as well as employers—by providing graduates who are ready to work.

“We believe that industry in our service area will benefit greatly from this program, and we are committed to adjusting our program to better fit employer needs,” said Danielle Coburn, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Jefferson State.

Program graduates will receive an Associate’s Degree and 1,800 hours of on-the-job training that will provide essential work experience to launch their career.

Since 2012, there have been more than 1,500 graduates of FAME programs, with a 90-percent employment placement rate among more than 400 employers.

Jefferson State will become one of 39 FAME chapters in 14 states, and one of eight chapters in Alabama.

FAME USA Associate Director Alisyn Jackson speaks to attendees.Speakers at the event included Audrey Webb, ALAMAP Project Director; Jason Dinscore, President of the FAME Lonestar Chapter; and Alisyn Jackson, FAME USA Associate Director.

The FAME AMT program develops global-best, entry-level multiskilled maintenance technicians through:

  • Specific academic foundation
  • Intensive, consistent reinforcement of distinct professional behaviors and practices
  • Deep integration of core competencies in manufacturing
  • On-site, intentional work/train experience for five semesters

The paid work/study co-op model features three days working and two days at school to create a simulated 40-hour work week. The program starts each fall and runs five consecutive semesters, with students moving through in a cohort of about 15 students.

Jefferson State plans to begin the FAME program in fall 2024.