Alabama Student Assistance Program

ASAP is the Alabama Student Assistance Program. ASAP is a state aid program that provides financial assistance to Alabama residents for postsecondary education at participating colleges within the State of Alabama. There is no special application for these funds; completion of the FAFSA is all that is required to apply for ASAP.  Funds are awarded to eligible Alabama residents who demonstrate need and who are enrolled full-time. Students must be eligible for Federal Pell Grant to be considered for the ASAP grant. Since funds are very limited for this program, not all eligible students will receive this grant.. If additional ASAP funds are available after students enrolled full-time have been awarded, students enrolled at least half-time that also meet the criteria will be awarded until funds are exhausted.

Transient Students

A transient student is a student who attends another college and will be in attendance at Jefferson State one semester and then return to their home institution. Transient students are not eligible to receive financial aid at Jefferson State.