Refund - Electronic

Students may use the Electronic Refund option to set up a direct deposit of any excess funds.  Students may sign up for eRefund following the below instructions:

How to sign up for eRefund: 

  • Go to Oneaccs 
  • Click OneACCS Online Payments
  • Log in using your Jefferson State (myJSCC) username (email) and password
  • The TouchNet payment portal will open. Click Refunds on the toolbar to set up or edit the account you want to use for direct deposit. 
  •  You may use an existing account that you have saved, or set up a new account for refunds
  • For a new account, fill in the information
  •  Click ‘Continue.’  

You must agree to the terms of the Refund account.

  • Direct Deposit is set up successfully when you see the account name under ‘Current Refund Method.’ 
  • This is also the screen you would make any edits or remove the refund account.