2022 Winter Formal Event Photos!

February 19, 2022 mpartain Blog


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DSCN3451 1 DSCN3490 1 Jefferson State students enjoyed “A Magical Night In Hollywood” during the winter formal on February 18. Students had fun together with food, a jazz band, dancing, D.J., themed mocktails, a magic show, and more! Here are a few photos from the night!

During the evening, winners of a themed dress contest for “A Magical Night in Hollywood” were crowned. See the outfit criteria below.

Outfit Criteria

  • Style of attire – Is it awesome?DSCN3524 DSCN3414 1
  • Creativity – Does it show creativity or is it colorful?
  • Originality – Does it stand out?
  • Effort – Did the student apply time, energy, and effort?
  • Based on theme – How well does it represent the theme?
  • Voted on by those in attendance