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January 4, 2018 mpartain Blog

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 Sandy, the four-times-married, three-times-divorced owner of a wedding chapel in Las Vegas, has certainly seen her fair share of matrimonies! In the hilarious Four Weddings and an Elvis, we witness four of her most interesting: Bev and Stan, who are getting married as revenge on their exes; Vanessa and Bryce, two arrogant former Hollywood stars who are tying the knot as a publicity ploy; and Martin and Fiona, a gentle postal-worker and a tough ex-con trying to get married before the police arrive! However, the final wedding is the quirkiest of all: Sandy’s fifth and (hopefully) final wedding, which reveals an unexpected twist! Of course, this play about revenge, fame and love wouldn’t be complete without an appearance by The King himself!

Audition Information

TitleFour Weddings and an Elvis
Playwright:  Nancy Frick
Cast: six males and four females of various ages
Auditions:  January 14 at 2:00 pm, January 16 at 6:00 pm
Where:  CEPA stage
What to Prepare: a one-minute joke or comedic monologue.  Men:  Be prepared to do your best Elvis imitation and sing a few bars of an Elvis song.
Performance Dates:  April 6 – 8

Auditions will consist primarily of cold-readings from the script, though some improv exercises may be involved.  You do not have to attend both audition dates, but may if you like.  Please download the audition form and bring it with you to auditions.

Email [email protected] to request a copy of the script. Visit the PellCityCEPA site for additional information.

Rehearsals will begin around January 30 and will generally be two weekday evenings and one weekend afternoon totaling approximately 12 hours per week.  The rehearsal calendar is built around actor availability and will be distributed following casting.  Since this play is broken into four scenes, each with a different cast, everyone except the actress playing Sandy will have frequent nights off during the first month or so of rehearsals.

Character Descriptions

  • Sandy – (F, 35- 60) – The wedding chapel owner. Four-times-married, three-times-divorced owner of a wedding chapel in Las Vegas. Sassy and a little bitter with a bit of a romantic streak.
  • Bev (20 – 35) – The angry bride: Recently dumped, Bev is intent on a revenge marriage, but with the benefit of actually loving the man she is using to get even.  She is a little naïve and very romantic.
  • Stan (20 – 35) – The angry groom: Dumped by his wife for another man, he is determined to marry the ex of the guy who got his gal. Still carrying a major torch for his former wife, revenge seems the right thing to do.  He is a bit of a jerk who doesn’t seem to care if he hurts others.  The actor who plays Stan will also play the producer in the final scene.
  • John (30 – 45) – The minister who works at a neighboring chapel.  He is able to play Elvis at the drop of a sequined hat, but has a sensitive, non-cynical side.
  • Vanessa  (40 – 55) – A fading Hollywood actress. Still glamorous, but a little too desperate to recapture her fame.
  • Bryce (40 – 60) – A fading actor who wants to recapture the days of his youth and adoration.  He would still be attractive were he not so anxious for others to find him so.
  • Lou (60-80) – A minister at the chapel. A slightly strange man, but a very genuine, perceptive person.  He still believes he is a great Elvis impersonator in spite of his age.
  • Fiona  (25 – 45) – A tough ex-con who has found true love, but still has a weak spot for her old boyfriend.
  • Marvin (30 – 45) – A gentle postal worker who can see past tattoos and leather and finds love in the unlikeliest of women.
  • Fist (30 – 45) – Fiona’s rough ex-boyfriend.  Tattooed and hardened by prison, he is not to be messed with.

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Sample of Four Weddings And An Elvis on YouTube by the Methacton Players in Collegeville, PA.