Medical Support Specialist Track AAS C151

Office Administration Technology Degree

The courses listed below are part of the A.A.S. degree. While completing requirements for A.A.S. degree, a student can earn the advanced certificate.

  • A minimum of 63 hours is needed to apply for A.A.S. graduation.
  • A minimum of 33 hours for advanced certificate

To be awarded the certificates and A.A.S. degree, students should contact Enrollment Services Graduation Office two terms before graduating at 205-856-7793 ([email protected]) or 205-856-7757.

Courses Required A.A.S C151

General Courses (24 hours)

Major Courses (27 hours)

  • OAD 103 Intermediate Keyboarding
  • OAD 110 Computer Navigation
  • OAD 138 Records and Information Management
  • ACT 145 Basic Accounting or BUS 241 Accounting
  • OAD 125 Word Processing
  • OAD 217 Office Management
  • OAD 246 Office Graphics and Presentations (PowerPoint)
  • OAD 232 The Computerized Office (Excel/Access)
  • OAD 242 Office Internship

Medical Support Track (12 hours)

  • OAD 211 Medical Terminology
  • OAD 212 Medical Transcription
  • OAD 215 Health Information Management (ICD-10, CPT-4 Coding)
  • OAD 216 Advanced Health Information Management

Meeting with an advisor is highly recommended.