Option 3 – Non Credit – Phlebotomy Tech Certificate

Students can register for the class by  CLICKING HERE.

This option is offered through Jefferson State’s Fast-Track Program. For additional information call (205) 856-7710.

The Phlebotomy training program is a non-credit, 144-hour program designed to train individuals in a classroom lecture and clinical setting to become a certified phlebotomist. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, students will earn a Certificate of Completion and will be eligible to take the NHA National Board Certification Exam. Classes meet for lecture twice a week for twelve weeks and the clinical practicum will be held for three weeks. Specific times of clinicals will be announced but are scheduled for two days a week, eight hours a day, generally from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

This certification is NOT eligible for Financial Aid and students must score a minimum of 70 on Accuplacer test in Reading. The cost of the program is $999.00 but does not include the textbook, health form, drug screen, and other course requirements.

The Fast-Track class size is about 12 students.

After completing the course students will be awarded a Phlebotomy Certification and will be ready to take the National Board Certification Exam.

Other Requirements

  • Students must complete 48 Clinical hours. (The clinical schedule is normally M-Th, for 6 consecutive days, at 8 hours a day but can be modified if agreed upon by the student and clinical site.)
  • Students must also preform 30 successful venipunctures

National Exam

The National Board Certification Exam is offered at Jefferson State – NHA