Motivating Others

Course Overview:

Motivation Defined:

Learners share a time when they were highly motivated at work–why they were motivated and actions they took that reflected their motivation. Learners discuss how to distinguish motivation issues from performance and training problems. The definition of “motivating others” is presented and shows the three factors that lead to sustained energy–focused work, interpersonal support, and individual value. Learners identify a real motivation challenge they will examine near the end of the course.

Diagnosing and Sparking Individual Motivators:

The facilitator introduces the challenges of addressing motivation factors with respect to individuals, including preferences and perceptions. Learners watch a video of challenging situations focused on individuals. Working in groups, they use best practices to determine specific actions to boost the person’s motivation.

Next Steps:

Referring to their own motivation challenges identified earlier, learners analyze the causes of the motivation problems. Working with a partner, they choose best practices and note specific actions for addressing the challenges. Key learning points are summarized.