Coming Soon - New Class for Potential Culinary Entrepreneurs

October 2, 2018 dbobo Blog

Chef Rinsky 2Plans are to offer a new elective course in Jefferson State’s Culinary and Hospitality Institute (HMM 183). This course will assist potential entrepreneurs on the creation and implementation of a business plans and teach the steps necessary to begin a new start-up business.

This one-hour semester-long course, Business Plan Development for Hospitality, will teach potential owners of food service/hospitality businesses as well as other potential endeavors in all aspects of business plan writing and presentation, as well as start-up costs, securing financing, utilizing social media for advertising and day-to-day operations every start-up business must be able to implement.

This class will be taught by Chef Glenn Rinsky, an instructor who has more than 35 years of combined culinary arts, education and small business experience. This course would be beneficial for anyone who yearns to realize the ultimate American dream of being your own boss and running your own business.

For more information about the class, email [email protected]