Officer Duties

Officer Duties

Phi Theta Kappa’s Pi Pi officers are required to work two hours per week in the Phi Theta Kappa office located at the Jefferson Campus. In addition to fulfilling two in-office hours a week, officers are required to complete three outside hours that are related to the Pi Pi Chapter, Phi Theta Kappa, or Jefferson State Community College business every week.

To become an officer, you must be an active member who aids in chapter activities such as Honors in Action, College Project, and weekly officer meetings. Once an officer position is vacant, the officer team will vote to promote the active member to officer status with the advisor’s consent and approval. All officers will receive a full-tuition and fee scholarship for Jefferson State Community College courses. You must be a member of the Pi Pi Chapter, in good standing with Phi Theta Kappa, and maintain a 3.5 or higher GPA to be eligible.


  • Preside and lead all officer meetings
  • Provide and present agendas at meetings
  •  Represent the Chapter at all events, conventions, and seminars
  •  Oversee the progress of all projects, events, and Hallmark entries
  •  Oversee and advise all Chapter officers
  •  Consult Chapter business with the advisors and College administration
  •  Report chapter activities, officers, members, and Five Star status to Regionals and Headquarters.
  •  Write the Distinguished Officer Team and Distinguished Advisor Hallmark entries
  •  Vote only in the case of a tie
  •  Serve as the Chapter’s Ex-Officio after a resignation of good standing

Vice President of Leadership

  • Oversee meetings, projects, and events in the President’s absence
  • Write the Distinguished Chapter Officer Hallmark entry
  • Plan and coordinate the Chapter’s Induction Ceremony
  • Maintain and update the Chapter’s calendar
  • Maintain and update the Chapter’s website

Vice President of Fellowship

  • Implements strategies to increase membership
  • Attend and represent the Chapter at the College’s New Student Orientation
  • Create and circulate flyers and descriptions of Chapter events to newspapers, websites, organizations, and the Chapter’s social media accounts
  • Maintain a relationship with other organizations and chapters
  • Write the Distinguished Chapter Member Hallmark entry

Vice President of Fundraising

  • Receive, maintain, and oversee all the Chapter’s finances
  • Maintain a record of all Chapter purchases, dues, and income
  • Plan and oversee all fundraising based events and projects
  • Record payments and attendance of new members for the Induction Ceremony
  • Take pictures at all Chapter events

Vice President of Service

  • Report the Chapter to Headquarters as a chapter of service
  • Develop plans to promote and involve member participation
  • Coordinate, organize, and plan the Chapter’s College Project
  • Write the College Project Hallmark entry
  • Coordinate and plan community service projects and events

Vice President of Scholarship

  • Plan, organize, and oversee the Honors in Action Topic
  • Write the Honors in Action Hallmark entry
  • Provide members with information on Chapter or College specific scholarships
  • Inform members of CollegeFish and transfer scholarships
  • Plan and coordinate New Member Orientation

Vice President of Communication

  • Record minutes at all officer and member meetings
  • Read, circulate, and archive all meeting minutes
  • Maintain and send the Chapter’s monthly newsletter
  • Maintain and respond to the Chapter’s email
  • Create and maintain a Chapter scrapbook