Scholarships - PTK

Phi Theta Kappa members have access to more than $37 million in scholarships, a benefit unmatched by other honor societies. Scholarships are available at over 700 four-year colleges and universities, directly from those institutions.

Phi Theta Kappa administers scholarships using a fall and spring common application. Applicants may apply for one scholarship on the common application or multiple scholarships at the same time. The Fall Common Application, transfer scholarships, generally opens in October and closes in December. The Spring Common Application, community college scholarships, opens in February and closes in April. For more information, please visit

Foundation, private, and college specific scholarships can be accessed from Phi Theta Kappa’s CollegeFish portal at

The Pi Pi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa also offers tuition waivers that pay full-tuition and fees per semester to current Pi Pi officers at Jefferson State Community College. See the Officer Positions & Duties tab for more information.