Infringement of Copyright

Ownership of Student Intellectual Property

This policy details ownership of student works, produced as a portion of their scholarly activities while a student at Jefferson State Community College, including all work submitted as portion of a class, to fulfill a course requirement or as fulfillment of any requirement within a degree program at the college.

All work created independently by a student will be considered the sole property of the student, and the student will maintain copyright over the material and control over the material, except as detailed below. All work created by a group of two or more students will be considered the sole property of the students, and the students will maintain copyright over the material and control over the material except as detailed below.

Jefferson State acknowledges student copyrights over any material eligible for copyright under applicable law, but retains the right to property ownership over electronic or physical copies of work submitted to the college, its faculty or staff. Additionally, Jefferson State retains the right to maintain copies of all student work as a portion of its collections, to circulate the work to further the mission of the college and to submit electronic or paper copies in compliance with applicable law or policy, including protecting the college from allegations of copyright infringement and to guard against acts of plagiarism.

The intellectual property rights of student work submitted for publication in creative journals of the college will be governed by the policy and procedure associated with those journals.

The campus policies include the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Harassment, Complaint Resolution, Procedures for Reporting Complaints, and Family Educational Rights Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).