All grading information can also be found on pages 53 & 54 of the current catalog.

Letter grades are assigned according to the following system for all courses for which students have registered except NUR and PTA courses.

A Excellent   (90-100)
B Good   (80-89)
C Average   (70-79)
D Poor (60-69)
IP* In Progress (50-69)
F** Failure (below 60)
S*** Satisfactory (SA, SB, SC)
W Withdrawal
WP Withdrawal Passing
WF Withdrawal Failing  (Ended Summer 2019)
I Incomplete
AU Audit
RW Required Withdrawal

*Will be given in courses carrying institutional credit.

**In courses carrying institutional credit an “F” signifies an average below 50.

***Will be given for courses below the 100 level.

Satisfactory grades are “A”, “B”, and “C”. Colleges and universities can refuse to grant credit for a course in which the student has received a grade of “D”.

Courses numbered 0-99 carry institutional credit and are not applicable toward degree or certificate requirements. Satisfactory grades earned in these courses are “A”, “B”, and “C”. Unsatisfactory grades are “IP”, “F”, and “WF”. A student is not allowed to progress to the next course in the sequence until he/she has earned a satisfactory grade. Grades earned in courses carrying institutional credit are not computed for graduation purposes; however, all grades earned, with the exception of “IP”, are computed for all other purposes.

A grade of Incomplete (“I”) may be assigned when the quality of work has been passing but the student has been prevented by illness or other justifiable cause from completing the required work or taking the final examination. A grade of Incomplete (“I”) must be completed by the beginning of the twelfth (12th) week of the fall or spring semester or seventh (7th) week of the summer term of the succeeding term for which the “I” was granted or the “I” will be changed to an “F”.

A grade of “AU” must be declared by the end of the registration period and may not be changed thereafter. Audit (AU) signifies the course is taken on a non-credit basis and the credit hours will not be averaged into the grade point average.

A           4 quality points per hour
B           3 quality points per hour
C           2 quality points per hour
D           1 quality points per hour
F           0 quality points per hour
WF       0 quality points per hour