Career/Employment Opportunities - BFN

How much can I expect to earn?

In general, greater responsibilities result in a higher salary. Experience, length of service, and, especially, the location and size of the bank also are important. In addition to typical benefits, equity sharing and performance-based pay increasingly are part of compensation packages for some bank employees. As banks encourage employees to become more sales-oriented, incentives are increasingly tied to meeting sales goals, and some workers may even receive commissions for sales or referrals. As in other industries, part-time workers do not enjoy the same benefits that full-time workers do.

What are Employer Expectations?

Today’s employers in the field of banking and finance expect employees to be equipped with a wide variety of knowledge and skills including technical, problem-solving, and effective public and in-house communication abilities. The Jefferson State Community College Finance Administration program provides the opportunity to learn bank operations, money and banking, home mortgage lending, installment credit and management skills, rounded out with other courses such as accounting, economics, sociology, communications, and business law. Upon graduation you will be qualified for positions in financial service firms such as banks, investment and brokerage houses, credit unions and other financial institutions. A career in banking and finance is sure to be challenging and rewarding!

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