Biomedical Equipment Technology

BiomedEquipHandout PNGThe Biomedical Equipment Technician (BET) performs a valuable function in the utilization of high technology in medical care. Due to the advance in electronics and instrumentation, computerized biomedical equipment is vital in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of medical problems. Such equipment is used for routine laboratory procedures, daily patient care and acquisition of information concerning patient conditions in emergency situations. Program Brochure

The BET installs, calibrates, services and maintains sophisticated biomedical equipment under the supervision of a biomedical engineer. The BET may also supervise equipment management programs, electrical safety functions, operational checkouts and preventive maintenance programs. Because of the rapidly increasing number of computers used in conjunction with medical and industrial instrumentation, the BET must also have a thorough understanding of digital computer technology and its application.

Biomedical Equipment Technology ProgramBETs find employment in both the medical and industrial setting, working in the construction and repair of medical devices. The employment demand for BETs is great and projected to increase because of the need of instrument manufactures for technicians to install, maintain and repair their equipment. Service contract organizations, hospitals and clinics frequently have their own BET staff responsible for all electronic maintenance and controls.

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