Biomedical Equipment Technology

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Biomedical Equipment Technicians ensure high-end, cutting-edge medical devices used in healthcare perform without flaw. From state-of-the-art diagnostic machines to life-saving monitoring equipment, BETs are the behind-the-scenes superhero problem solvers who keep it all running like clockwork. So, in essence, they play a key role in ultimately improving patient outcomes as they work side by side with doctors, nurses and therapists (servicing and maintaining their equipment) as they care for their patients.

Biomedical Equipment Technicians not only possess an in depth understanding of sophisticated medical devices, they are also computer tech-savvy with knowledge in computer networking and cyber security. With most medical devices in today’s world being digitally connected to the complex computer networks of healthcare facilities. The demand for BETs in general is high but the demand for technicians with training or certifications in those areas is even higher. All in all, BETs are tightly woven into the modern medical landscape.

BETs find employment in various settings such as hospitals and clinics, research facilities, medical device manufacturers and independent service providers. The employment demand for BETs is very strong and is projected to increase dramatically over the years because of advancements in technology, medical facility expansions and a retiring workforce.

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Since many of the major courses are offered only once a year, it is recommended that students check with one of our advisors for course rotations. This way we can ensure that you take the most efficient route interspersing general courses with major courses to complete the program in a timely manner.

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