Advisory Committee - CIS

  • Steve Ballanger, Alabama Department of Forensic Science, Committee Chair
  • Jonathon Hay, Candence Bank
  • Henderson, Tracy, Southern Company
  • Kennedy, Okoro, Alabama State Government, Stay Bright Technology
  • McCutchen Josh, EBSCO
  • Leighton Vance, Liberty National Life Insurance Company
  • David Vernon, Amerex Corporation
  • Justin Young, Biohorizons Implant Systems

Jefferson State Community College Faculty Members:

  • Melanie Cox, Office Manager, Shelby Campus
  • Barrett Cummings, Department Chair, Shelby Campus
  • Wade Crawford, CIS advisor, Jefferson Campus
  • Linda Dobyns, CIS Program Coordinator
  • Rita McLendon, Office Manager, Jefferson Campus
  • Syed Raza, CIS advisor, Jefferson Campus
  • Tiffany Todd, Department Chair, Jefferson Campus

Jefferson State Community College Administration Members:

    • Deana Goodwine, Associate Dean for Technical Programs
    • Brian Gordon, Dean of Instruction
    • Danielle Coburn, Vice President Academic Affairs