Sustainability Initiative

Chef Kenneth Moore, Sponsor

[email protected]

“Sustainable is living in a way that leaves natural resources for future generations. Examples include: not consuming more resources than are available, not overusing resources, allowing resources the opportunity to naturally replenish.”

Sustainability Ideas

  • Dirt/Plant Presentation
  • Lights on timers
  • Tank less on demand hot water heaters
  • Low flow spray nozzle in dish rooms
  • No plastic tasting spoons
  • More events using china and pitchers of water and juice, instead of bottled.
  • Utilizing highly concentrated and minimally packaged dish chemicals
  • Composting of scraps from labs and Bistro Culinary gardens at both Jefferson and Shelby Campuses
  • Post departmental communications online, instead of on paper.
  • Give preference to Alabama grown or local meat and produce in purchasing considerations.
  • Used fryer oil is recycled into Biodiesel for municipal vehicles.
  • Replacing incandescent light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent bulbs
  • Sustainability section of our website, including a suggestion link.
  • Over 30 (3)cubic feet containers of compost in 2011, alone.