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Boost your culinary career. Gain access to experts in the culinary profession. Stay on top of the latest in culinary arts.

For 90 years ACF has not only been the champion of the culinary profession for chefs around the country, but around the world. Now, to further this commitment, ACF is proud to announce two new Student Membership programs for ACFEF-accredited programs — one for post-secondary students and one for secondary students.

Our new Post-Secondary Student Program that allows ACFEF Accredited post-secondary programs to provide their culinary students individual Student Memberships in the ACF for a reduced rate of only $50 per student. This is a decrease of nearly 40% from the regular fee of $82. In addition, a program receives a $10 ACF allowance for each student enrolled for anything ACF related including ACF Membership or Certification fees for instructors, accreditation fees or ACF Event registrations.

Our new Secondary Student Program provides FREE ACF Student Membership to any Junior or Senior student attending an ACFEF accredited program.

Post-Secondary Student Program

School can enroll as many students as they choose.

Cost to enroll a student is $50 per Student. Schools have at least three options on how to cover the $50 fee. They can:

  1. include it in a student’s tuition.
  2. include it in their student fees.
  3. cover the cost from school funds.
  • In addition, a program receives a $10 allowance for each student enrolled and can be used for anything ACF related. This includes ACF Membership or Certification fees for instructors, Accreditation fees or ACF Events registrations.
  • Program (and cost) is yearly with annual renewal required for each student.
  • Membership provided is ACF National Membership only. During enrollment, ACF National Office will contact the Program’s local ACF chapter to determine if they will waive local chapter fee. If chapter does not waive their fee, the program may purchase local membership as well (local chapter fee averages $7 a year).

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