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Paramedic SymbolEmergency Medical Services Paramedic Training Program

Levels of EMT Training

The EMT level is a one semester course which may be taken for credit Upon completion of these courses, students will be eligible to sit for the National Registry examination and apply for a State of Alabama EMT license, which is required for Advanced EMT clinicals.
Advanced EMT training consists of an additional semester of training. Students who complete the Advanced EMT course will be eligible to sit for the Advanced EMT National Registry examination qualifying them to apply for a State of Alabama Advanced EMT License, which is required for Paramedic clinicals.

Paramedic is the final three semesters, which along with the required general education courses, leads to an Associate in Applied Science degree. Upon successful completion of the Paramedic program, the graduate may take the National Registry exam and apply for licensure as a Paramedic

Do You Want to be A Firefighter?

Since EMS began, it has been an important part of the fire service.

  • Most modern fire departments are EMS providers.
  • Many fire departments are the sole EMS providers in their jurisdiction.
  • Nationally, the vast majority of all fire department responses are medical calls.
  • Most fire departments require firefighters to maintain some level of EMS license.

Becoming a Paramedic is the Best Way to Compete for Fire Department Jobs!

Job Opportunities

According to a Department of Labor job forecast, EMS will grow at a rate of 33%, which is much faster than average.

One of the biggest challenges for a young profession that is growing so rapidly is filling leadership positions. That leadership vacuum
means advancement opportunities.

EMT’s don’t just transport the sick and injured, they enjoy many unique and exciting opportunities. Some of them work in medical
research, cardiac cath labs, or practice tactical medicine.

Program Accreditation

The Jefferson State Community College Paramedic program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs ( upon the recommendation of the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions (CoAEMSP). Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs 25400 US Highway 19 N, Suite 158, Clearwater, FL 33763 (727) 210-2350 To contact CoAEMSP: 8301 Lakeview Parkway, Suite 111-312, Rowlett, TX 75088 (214) 703-8445 (214) 703-8992 FAX


EMS JSCC Basic Patch

Emergency Medical Technician

EMS 118 Emergency Medical Technician 9 hrs
EMS 119 Emergency Medical Technician Clinical 1 hr

EMS JSCC Advanced Patch

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician

EMS 155 Advanced Emergency Medical Technician 7 hrs
EMS 156 Advanced Emergency Medical Clinical 2 hrs

EMS JSCC Paramedic Patch


Short Certificate

EMS 240 Paramedic Operations 2 hrs
EMS 242 Paramedic Patient Assessment 2 hrs
EMS 243 Paramedic Pharmacology 1 hr
EMS 244 Paramedic Clinical I 1 hr
EMS 241 Paramedic Cardiology 3 hrs
EMS 245 Paramedic Patient Assessment 3 hrs
EMS 246 Paramedic Trauma Management 3 hrs

EMS 248 Paramedic Clinical II 3 hrs

EMS 253 Paramedic Transition to the Workforce 2 hrs
EMS 254 Advanced Competencies for Paramedic 2 hrs
EMS 255 Paramedic Field Preceptorship 5 hrs
EMS 256 Paramedic Team Leadership 1 hr

Paramedic Long Certificate

All Courses above plus:

EMS 189 Anatomy & Physiology for the Paramedic or BIO 201 Human Anatomy & Physiology I  4 hrs
EMS 247 Paramedic Special Populations  2 hrs
MTH 100 Intermediate College Algebra  3 hrs
ENG 101 English Composition  3 hrs
SPH 106 Communication or SPH 107 Public Speaking  3 hrs

Additional A.A.S. Requirements

All Courses above plus:
*BIO 103 Principles of Biology I 4 hrs
PSY 200 General Psychology 3 hrs
Humanities/Fine Arts 3 hrs

Course Tuition and Fees

Tuition per semester hour – $168
EMT & AEMT 10 hours – $1680
Paramedic 3 semesters 28 hours – $4704
General Education 23 hours – $3864
Books and other fees – $300 estimate

The following Fees Must Be paid to vendors!
Please have cash to pay vendors. Fees paid to vendors are nonrefundable after orientation.

Drug Screen $48
Background Check $17
Clinical Attire $65 – $100
CPR Certification $20
*Vendors Fees are subject to change without notice
Total Due: $150 -$185

The following are paid to the JSCC Cashier by the first day of class!

Malpractice Insurance $15

EMS Program:

  • Offers an A.A.S. Program in EMS
  • Is accredited through CoAEMSP
  • Has certification rates that consistently exceed national averages
  • Excellent value

For More Information Contact

William ‘Wes’ Ward
Program Director/Advisor
[email protected]
(205) 983-5206

Sandy Chamberlain
Clinical Skills Coordinator/Advisor
[email protected]
(205) 983-5236

4600 Valleydale Rd
General Studies Building Room 316
Birmingham, AL 35242

Statement of accreditation 2022