Program Outcomes - HST

Program Mission

The mission of the Histologic Technician Program at Jefferson State Community College is to promote and maintain standards of quality for the services and the environment necessary for students to achieve their educational goals and to enhance the social, cognitive, and professional skills required for entry level employment as histologic technicians (HTs) in the healthcare community.

Our philosophy is to strive to be totally committed to giving students the resources needed to continue their education in Histotechnology and to instill in them the desire to uphold the highest standards of performance.

Goals and Competencies

The goals of the Histologic Technician program are to:

  1. Provide a program which is of excellent quality and which meets the Guidelines and Essentials prescribed by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science (NAACLS).
  2. Provide competent, well qualified faculty to guide, instruct, and train students through basic and advanced clinical laboratory practice.
  3. Provide an atmosphere and example of performance among the faculty which portrays the laboratory professional as an honest, caring, highly qualified professional, and the field of laboratory medicine as a needed and respected profession.
  4. Help students develop an awareness that quality patient care is our most important objective.
  5. Create in the student a personal responsibility to provide quality patient care while performing as a student Histotechnician and later as a professional.
  6. It is also our purpose and goal to help each student discover and develop his/her own integrity as a person and a Histotechnician, and to aid in the realization of his/her potential in the field of Histotechnology.

Program Outcomes

The HST Program at Jefferson State will:

  • 70% **of students admitted to the MLT program and entering their sophomore year, will complete the program as technically competent individuals ready to enter the laboratory workforce.
  • Graduates will take the ASCP- BOC certification exam, within the first year of graduation, with a pass rate at or above the NAACLS benchmark of 75%**.
  • 70% **of graduates seeking employment in the laboratory field will be employed within one year of graduation.
  • Employers and graduates returning surveys will report 85% satisfaction with educational preparation.

** Calculated by the most recent NAACLS survey three-year period