Advisory Committee - RAD

Radiologic Technology Advisory Committee

Program Officials

  • Christie W. Bolton M. A.  Ed., R.T. (R) – Radiologic Technology Program Coordinator
  • Annette W. Ferguson, M. S. R. S., R.T. (R) – Radiologic Technology Clinical Coordinator
  • Ami Poe, BS, R.T. (R) – Radiologic Technology Lab Instructor


  • Jeff McGough, Committee Chairperson – Administrator, St. Vincent’s Chilton
  • Keith Corson – Chief Technologist, Radiology St. Vincent’s East
  • Bettye G. Wilson – UAB Retired ALSRT and ARRT Representative
  • Jackie Canter – Pediatric Imaging Center Manager Children’s South
  • Eric Williams – Manager Radiology UAB Hospital
  • Lee Morrison – Director of Radiology Medical West
  • Terri Franklin – Director of Radiology UAB Hospital
  • Kay Laney – Director of Radiology  Baptist Medical Center Princeton
  • Brad Wideman – Director of Imaging Services Brookwood Medical Center
  • Diane Barineau – Director of Radiology Baptist Medical Center Shelby
  • Rainey Varner – Chief RT and Radiation Safety Officer VA of Birmingham
  • Lynne Fountain – Divisional Director Children’s Hospital
  • Reed Adair – Director of Clinical Services St. Vincent’s Birmingham
  • Vincent Glanze – Director of Imaging Grandview Hospital
  • Brandy Moore – Southlake Orthopaedics Operations Manager
  • Lena Collins  – Ortho Alabama Radiologic Technologist
  • Kecia Turner – UAB Highlands Imaging Department Manager
  • Emily Lacky – Interim Manager St. Vincent’s St. Clair

Clinical Preceptors from clinical affiliates

Student Representative

Association of Radiologic Technology Students President