PTA Student Earns Perfect Score on National Exam

November 19, 2018 dbobo Blog
PTA Student Connor Strickland - Perfect Score on NPTE 2 - Fall 2018

Physical Therapy Assistant Connor Strickland earns perfect score on national exam

Jefferson State Physical Therapy Student Connor Strickland recently earned a perfect score on the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE).

The NPTE is the exam every graduate of a physical therapy or physical therapist assistant education program must pass to become a licensed physical therapist or licensed/certified physical therapist assistant in the United States.

“It felt great to know that all of the long hours had finally paid off,” said Strickland. “The program taught me that if I focused on truly understanding the material first and foremost, my grades would reflect it – they were right.”

Jefferson State’s Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) Program is an associate-level program that results in the awarding of the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. The degree is awarded after one year of prerequisite coursework and one year of professional coursework. Once the student has completed the program and graduates, they are qualified to sit for the National Board Exam for professional state licensure. The program is designed to prepare competent, ethical, entry level physical therapist assistants in occupational responsibilities, academic knowledge and in the clinical skills necessary to serve the physical therapy health care needs of the public.

PTAs are technically educated health care providers who work under the supervision of a physical therapist. The PTA performs duties and carries out treatment plans as directed by the physical therapist. Duties of the PTA are varied and include but are not limited to the application of physical modalities, exercise programs, gait training, functional activities, and patient education.

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