Recursion Program Grant Helps Women In Manufacturing

April 29, 2019 dbobo Blog
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The Recursion Program Grant will provide opportunities for low-income, single women in manufacturing.

Jefferson State recently received an $8,000 “Women In Manufacturing and STEM” grant from The Recursion Program, a nonprofit organization with a mission to tackle and eradicate the causes of the persistence of poverty.

The grant will create opportunities for low-income, single women (especially single mothers) who live below 200 percent of the poverty line.

“Giving women the tools to remove barriers to participation in quality education is a powerful way to transform the lives of families and the trajectories of communities,” said The Recursion Program’s Founder and Chairman Staci Pierce. “In addition to providing the social capital that comes with mentoring, the purpose of this grant is to fill the financial gaps that present hurdles to participants by supporting needs related to child-care, transportation, food insecurity, and home insecurity.”

The program will increase the participating families’ education, economic supports, social capital, health and well-being by preparing the mothers to enter industrial, technological, scientific, engineering, mathematics, and/or manufacturing fields. Efforts will be made to assist them in their goal of creating a more stable home life and stepping out of the bonds of poverty by increasing employment readiness.

recursion program logo“The Recursion grant provides assistance where it is needed the most,” said Jefferson State Career and Technical Education Dean Norma Grant Bell. “We are proud to partner with the Recursion Program and we are excited about creating opportunities for single mothers and their families.”

“At times, a $500 discretionary stipend can make the difference between a woman being able to remain in a degree program, and her being forced by family circumstances to drop out,” said Pierce. “Poverty is a complex issue, but sometimes making a dent in it just boils down to providing a minor safety net and a little boost to reach the next rung on the economic ladder.”

For more information on the Recursion grant, contact Don Wilcher at [email protected].