Resolving Issues That Impact Customers


Disagreements among service providers can threaten the quality of the service customers receive. In today’s flatter, more collaborative workplace, however, a supervisor may not always be available to step in and resolve matters.

This module enables service providers to resolve such disagreements themselves so that future working relationships can be more pleasant and productive. Participants discuss the negative impact that disagreements among co-workers have on customer service. They identify the types of unresolved issues that can benefit from a constructive dialogue, and learn how to remove barriers to a smooth working relationship. They practice preparing for a meeting with a co-worker to resolve an issue, conducting a constructive dialogue, and developing a joint plan for working together smoothly in the future.


  • Describe how unresolved issue between coworkers can have a negative impact on customer loyalty.
  • Identify unresolved job-related issues that call for productive dialogue with co-workers.
  • Identify and remove barriers to addressing issues with their co-workers.
  • Prepare for a discussion with a co-worker to resolve an issue that has a negative impact on customers.
  • Set the tone for productive dialogue with the coworker involved.
  • Facilitate discussion with the co-worker involved.
  • Develop a shared plan to resolve the issue.
  • Plan the application of a process for resolving issues that negatively impact their customers.

Key Actions:

  •  Prepare to Succeed
  •  Describe the Issue Fairly
  •  Facilitate Discussion
  •  Plan Together