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July 19, 2018 mpartain Blog

Curious Savage Page ImageAuditions for The Curious Savage

Written by John Patrick, Directed by Lesley Warren

All students are encouraged to audition for our next production!

The Curious Savage is a comic tale of greed, generosity, and the question of sanity. Ethel Savage, a new widow, has been left with a substantial fortune which her three grown children–a senator, a judge, and a gold-digging daughter–are intent on taking for themselves. They conspire to have her committed to a private sanatorium known as “The Cloisters.” There, Ethel is left to work out how she will deal with her spiteful family while getting to know the colorful characters who live in the facility. “The Curious Savage” is a feel-good play filled with heart where the neglected virtues of kindness and affection have not been entirely lost in a world that seems motivated at times by greed and dishonesty.

Audition Information

  • Auditions are August 4 at 2 P.M. and August 6 at 6 P.M.
  • At CEPA on the – Pell City High School Campus – 25 Williamson Dr. Pell City, AL 35125
  •  Each auditionee should be prepared to perform a one-minute comedic monologue OR a one-minute joke.  Auditions will include cold-readings from the script.
  •  We encourage actors of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities to audition.

Rehearsal & Performance Information

  • Rehearsals begin August 6 and will be held each Monday and Wednesday from 6:00 to 10:00 pm and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  We will rehearse every evening the week prior to opening.
  • Performances are September 28 and 29 at 7:00 pm and September 30, at 2:00 pm.  There will be an open dress rehearsal on September 27 for students.

Roles Available

All roles are open. Ages listed are flexible.

  • Ethel P. Savage (40-70s): A vigorous, elderly woman, young at heart, witty, and generous.
  • Titus (20s – 40s): He is the eldest stepson of Mrs. Savage. Titus is the least popular senator in congress. He is sober, humorless, and direct. Titus also has a temper that tends to come out most when dealing with his mother.
  • Lily Belle (20s-40s): The middle stepchild, a much-married celebrity heiress. Greedy and vicious, even with her stepmother.
  • Samuel (20s-40s): The youngest stepchild, Samuel has the distinction of being the judge with the most overturned decisions in the U.S.
  • Hannibal: (20’s-60’s) A former statistician, who believes he is an excellent violinist.
  • Florence Williams: (20’s-60’s) A dignified woman who carries around a baby doll, believing it to be her deceased son.
  • Fairy May: (early 20’s) Fairy is a compulsive liar who is obsessed with having others love her. She is unkempt throughout the play, but believes herself to be stunningly beautiful. She is also very childlike, behaving and speaking similarly to a six-year-old.
  • Jeffrey: (20’s-40’s) A handsome guy whose plane was shot down in World War II, and thinks the incident left him with a disfiguring scar.
  • Mrs. Paddy: (30’s-70’s) Was told once to shut up, and never spoke again, except to rant about the things she hates (everything). She has given up electricity for Lent and turns off all the lights multiple times throughout the play.
  • Dr. Emmett (30’s-70’s): The staff doctor for this wing of The Cloisters, Dr. Emmett is kind, warmhearted, and he works hard to help his patients.
  • “Willie” Wilhelmina (20’s-40’s): Miss Willie is an administrative assistant and nurse, kind and understanding towards all the residents of The Cloisters.

 Contact Lesley Warren at [email protected] for more information.

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