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The STEM club welcomes all JSCC students interested in science, technology, engineering, and math, regardless of whether they are pursuing a STEM degree or not.  The goal is to increase the number of students majoring in STEM programs at JSCC by educating students on career and educational opportunities within STEM fields.  The STEM club will provide opportunities to connect with like-minded students, meet professionals in various STEM fields including experts from UAB and local biotechnology companies, participate in various on and off-campus activities, and potentially participate in a paid summer undergraduate research experience.

Club Events Include:


A monthly seminar series focusing on education, career exploration, or just plain cool topics in science, technology, engineering, and math.  STEMinars will be offered on a rotational basis at JSCC campuses and through a virtual option so all students have an equal opportunity to attend.  STEMinar topics will cover a variety of topics and include presentations by JSCC faculty, professors from other colleges and universities, colleagues working in biotechnology, the National Institutes of Health, and many more.  Lunch will be provided as funds are available.

STEM Lab Day

The STEM club will host STEM Lab Days to allow JSCC students to go into the lab and “get their hands dirty.”  Really cool hands-on science activities will be prepared and available for students to have some fun in the lab.  JSCC Faculty from either Biology, Chemistry, or Physics will assist with the activities. 

STEM Research Symposium

A yearly STEM Research Symposium will be hosted by the STEM Club to highlight the STEM-related research being done by JSCC students.

Faculty Advisor
Nicholas Kin, Ph.D.
(205) 812-2708