Student-Athletes Welcomed During Open House

October 6, 2020 sdawkins Blog

Frame 00046Jefferson State officials welcomed 2020-21 student-athletes with a virtual open house event on Oct. 1. 

President Keith Brown and Vice President of Student Affairs Mike Hobbs, who also serves as director of athletics, spoke with members of the cross-country, men’s and women’s golf and e-sports teams during a video conference call. 

“A lot of you are first time in college and so you’ll be making that leap when you leave us, and you will always be a collegiate athlete, which I think is amazing,” Hobbs said. “Collegiate athletics does more than the scoreboard shows. It literally gives you a skill that you will take out into the world, and when people go to judge your resume compared to somebody else’s, a college athlete really resonates to the top. It shows your dedication and that you can follow rules and that you can be a leader on campus.” 

As representatives of Jefferson State, Hobbs stressed the importance of the student-athletes doing the right things and making good decisions—respecting teachers and classmates, attending classes and conducting themselves responsibly. 

“You are more than just a Jeff State student; you are a leader,” Hobbs said. 

Brown thanked Hobbs for his work to bring athletics back to Jefferson State after a hiatus. 

“You have to have the full student experience,” Brown said and added he was glad to see the e-sports team thriving after being formed two years ago. “My hope is that you are establishing precedent that will allow us to continue to expand our athletic programs.” 

Brown encouraged the student-athletes to take advantage of their opportunity to make lasting connections. 

“You’re already building your resume, you’re already building your career path, you’re making those connections,” Brown said. “Those connections will be important for you as you move forward.” 

2020-21 student-athletes include: 


Mary Hensel
Caleb Kimmons
Nathan Pitts
Will Grimmett
Aeneas Cooper 

Women’s golf 

Elly Truxal
Hayley Morris
Jade Morris
Julee Turner
Miranda Nassif 

Men’s golf 

Andrew Friend
Bryant Raynowska
Charlie Shepard
Dillon West
Ethan Deloney
Franklin Fesenmeier
Nathan Fernandez
Ren Riley
Trey Rouse
Trey Shockley 


Justin Coman
Lloyd Harrison
Jarrett Golden
Kristian Winn
Griffin Anderson
Jasaveon Davis
Joseph Stuckey