Campaign Guidelines

SGA Logo 500 2018[email protected]) for approval of content. Once approved, print material must then be  submitted to Enrollment Services for approval to be posted around the campus. Individuals who  may approve the posting of material are listed below:

  • Jefferson Campus: Lynn Evans or Roscelia Burney (Allen Library)
  • Shelby-Hoover Campus: Cindy Bobo (Health Science Building)
  • St. Clair-Pell City Campus: Jim Blackburn or Laura Urbahns (room 121)
  • Chilton-Clanton Campus: Julie Emmerich (room 113)

Campaign print materials should be displayed only on ceramic tile walls or brick foyers. No bulletins or posters should be placed on doors, glass, ceil-tex, painted surfaces, etc.   Under no circumstances may literature and material be distributed on windshields of vehicles. Division chairpersons may give permission for bulletins and posters to be placed on   divisional bulletin boards. (See the College Student Handbook.)

A candidate and any student assisting a candidate’s campaign must act in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct published in the latest version of the Jefferson State Community College Student Handbook.

Candidates and their representatives may not partake in “mud slinging” or “smear” campaigns against other candidates.

Candidates may not vandalize or in any way damage another candidate’s campaign material.

A candidate is accountable for the actions of individuals assisting with his or her campaign.

All campaign material–both print and electronic–must be in accordance with the rules and guidelines in the latest version of the Jefferson State Community College Student Handbook even if not specifically stated above.

Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in termination of a student’s candidate status and forfeiture of any position or office the student receives as a result of such action.

Questions, concerns, or comments regarding campaign material or allegations of violations of the above guidelines should be directed to the SEC at [email protected]