Student Spotlight - Lisa Wells

October 18, 2022 [email protected] Blog

Lisa Wells Photo 1“After checking with friends and calling some of the community colleges in the Metro Birmingham area, I decided to visit the Jefferson State Campus on Carson Road and check into the training and job search assistance available to help prepare me for returning to the workforce. At the Jefferson State Career Center, I met with Mr. Ken King (ADOL Career Center Specialist) to discuss my options. Mr. King helped me update my resume and after much discussion, I entered the Ready-to-Work Program through the JSCC Adult Education Department.

I was assigned to Ms. Tracy Campbell (JSCC Career Center Coordinator) as my instructor and began the course work utilizing the JSCC Career Center Resource Room. Working with Ms. Campbell, I completed several NorthStar Digital Literacy Certification along with completing the Ready to Work Certification.

Completing the coursework helped to build my confidence with computer and software programs. I was ready to begin looking for employment after not working for several years. I received several job leads from Mr. King and Ms. Campbell. Transportation was an issue for me, so the search was extensive trying to match my situation with the right job.

Finally, I was referred to the Birmingham Public Library for the Library Assistant I position. After submitting my resume and completing the application, an interview was scheduled with the Birmingham Public Library. Before going to the interview, Ms. Donna Ali (Success Coach JSCC Career Center) conducted a mock interview to help me prepare for the interview. Arriving to the actual interview, I felt very prepared and ready to answer the interviewer’s questions.

I was hired by the Birmingham Public Library as a Library Assistant I at one of the local library branches and I love the work I am doing, the patrons that I see on a daily bases and the Library employees I work with daily. Having achieved my goal at finding the right employment, I am now working on saving for a vehicle to help me with the next steps in my career.

I am so grateful to everyone at the JSCC Career Center that offered advised, job referrals and encouragement to get to this new place in my life.”

All of us at Jefferson State are so proud of you, Lisa!