Student Spotlight - Solley Jordan Johnson

October 18, 2022 [email protected] Blog

“Hello! My name is Solley Jordan Johnson. I am 21 years old and I completed the Fast Track/Adult Education program at Jefferson State in December of 2021. I am now working at UAB Callahan Eye Hospital. I am a Patient Encounter Specialist. My main job responsibilities are checking in/out our patients for their appointments and answering any questions they have prior to seeing the doctor.

I decided to attend the program at Jeff State because life hit me: fast and all at once. I graduated HS in 2018, moved out of my parents’ house, and started working full time. I found it hard to fit in and move up within a company while being able to afford my bills that came around every month. I weighed out my options for furthering my education with knowing I couldn’t be a full time student as well as maintain working. Jeff State offers part time classes that reward you with a certificate specific to a field of work that is in high demand today. I chose the medical field more specifically the Administrative Medical Assistant class.

When applying to UAB I mentioned my certification and when presented I was offered more money than I was expecting! I am writing this to you all not to boast but to let you know that “Little by Little One Travels Far. Thank you Jefferson State, for the opportunity and the growth I have had through your program.” 

All of us at Jefferson State are so proud of you! Solley completed the Administrative Medical Assistant Prep course after being awarded the “Connect to Your Future” scholarship.