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Students Experience Selma March

October 19, 2015 dbobo Blog

Honor Students Reenact Selma March Experience Image5

Jefferson State Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society students held a local re-enactment experience of the 1965 Selma March to Montgomery on October 17. The free event named “PHIght for Selma” was held at the Shelby-Hoover Campus and open to the public.

“Our students have spent months studying and preparing for this unique event,” said Jefferson State Phi Theta Kappa Advisor and Associate Dean of Transfer and General Studies Dr. Liesl Harris. “They have traveled to Selma, conducted interviews, and really tried to learn all they can about the historic march to Selma.”

During the event, students and attendees engaged in a roundtable discussion with

  • Henry Moore, Jr. – an original Bloody Sunday marcher
  • Jawana Jackson – Selma resident whose home was used as march headquarters
  • Allegra Jordan – Selma historian

Selma 6After the roundtable discussion, participants walked five miles and were asked to imagine what the thoughts and feelings may have been for the original marchers as they journeyed towards justice. Exhibits and “Thoughts/Reflections” posters were displayed along the route.

At noon, participants enjoyed a spaghetti lunch and shared their impressions and lessons learned from the experience.

Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society is America’s most prestigious scholarly organization for students at two-year colleges. The “PHIght for Selma” (incorporating Phi Theta Kappa) re-enactment experience event will be the Beta Lambda Delta Chapter’s entrant into the 2016 International Competition.

The Greater Birmingham Youth Leadership Development program, which has partnered with Phi Theta Kappa, is also sponsoring an essay scholarship competition in conjunction with the event.