Telephone And Email Etiquette

This class is designed to help participants to communicate effectively through email and enhance telephone techniques in the workplace.

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify e-mail blunders that leave bad impressions
  • Identify and select effective e-mail communication techniques
  • List 8 steps to successful e-mail writing
  • Choose an appropriate format for the message being sent
  • Create effective e-mails
  • Describe the negative impact when telephone etiquette protocols are not followed
  • Answer the telephone, put someone “on hold”, transfer, and make commitments more effectively
  • Illustrate how to take a message that makes a difference
  • Explain how to leave an effective and efficient message
  • Recall the benefits for adhering to each of the telephone etiquette standards
  • Build customer loyalty using effective telephone etiquette protocols
  • Illustrate effective use of voice mail in business